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Exclusive: Davao bombing survivor,Isel Jhian Abad, tells it all

It was around 10 p.m. when the explosion happened in Davao City Night Market on September 3. Facebook user Si Isel was there, and it was a horrific, painful, traumatizing sight.

“Pag ma recall nako to kagabii makahilak ko now (When I recall what transpired last night, I can’t help but cry). Kay exactly mga ingun ani na oras nahitabo ang pagbomba (It was around this time when it happened)…. Sakit lang jud sa akoang part na makita sa akoang atubangan ang pagkapatay sa mga tao na nagbarog pa (It hurts to see people falling to their deaths in front of me),” she said.

Isel Jhian posted a long status on Facebook hours after the explosion took the lives of 14 people, including her friend, and injured 67 others, including her schoolmate.

She said that before the explosion happened, she was still able to see people smiling and laughing around Roxas avenue. She was still able to see massage therapists providing services to customers who seemed so relaxed and satisfied at the moment. She was able to see children running around, singing songs in exchange for some coins. She was still able to see people strolling the area with their classmates, families, and friends.

Everything was orderly, but all of it was turned into shambles after a loud bang was heard.

The laughing, singing, and merry-making faded away and were replaced by screams, cries, and the horrific sight of death.

“Habang paggawas ko sa gate sa Ateneo de Davao University nakita pa nako si ate buntis na nagtindog ug si kuya naka blue na naghilot (While I was on my way out the gate of Ateneo de Davao University, I saw a pregnant woman and a man in blue standing up while being massaged). Gilantaw nako sila pakapin huna huna na unta maayo ang dagan sa ilahang kinabuhi diria sa Dabaw, pero sa usa ka kusog na pagbuto lamang nakita na nako sila duha na naghayang na ug nag kirig-kirig na sa dalan (I looked at both of them and hoped that their lives here in Davao are okay, but after the explosion, I saw with my own two eyes how they fell on the ground shaking),” she said on her post.

Isel is a graduating mass communication student from Ateneo de Davao University.

She admitted that as a resident of Davao, threats like this were already being expected, especially in the city. However, what happened last night was unimaginable, especially for people who witnessed it firsthand.

In her post, she also said that she did not know which direction to run. She did not even notice her bag was open and her things were already fall

So she continued running. Now, Isel is safe with her and her family is okay. She hurt her right knee, but the scar in her heart is the most painful.

However, she knows that the people will rise up after this incident. She knows the people of Davao are strong and that this tragic event will not shake them.

“Ang mga tao diria karun kay palaban (The people here are brave). Kung gihagit jud nila ang Davao ug terorismo, dili mi papildi (If they threaten us with terrorism, we will not let them win),” she said.

She said the people of Davao will also continue to support the cause and the fight of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Exclusive: Davao bombing survivor tells it all

Exclusive: Davao bombing survivor tells it all


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  1. Be strong. gumraduate ka iha. dapat talaga maubos na ang mga ASG


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