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SHOCKING! Proof VP Robredo partying while the nation mourns in the wake of Davao bombing surfaces!

So the rumor is true! VP Leni Robredo was indeed partying while the nation mourns in the wake of the Davao City bombing after photos of her surfaced online.

Remember that the Davao City bombing occurred on Friday night, September 2 and killed more than a dozen innocent civilians. On September 3, 2016, VP Robredo attended the birthday bash of a classmate of her somewhere in Alabang.

When several Facebook pages posted the photos of VP Robredo attending a party previously, her supporters quickly quashed the rumor by claiming that the party referred to in the post happened a day before the Davao City bombing or on the same night of the bombing.

In addition, her supporters defended that VP Robredo has every right to celebrate the birthday of her mother just like any other loving daughter. The camp of VP Leni Robredo scored an initial victory with their line of defense but that proves to be a temporary thing as photos posted by one of the birthday party attendees suggests otherwise.

A Facebook user PM’ed PTN today along with a screenshot of the alleged proofs that indeed VP Leni Robredo’s supporters are lying when they claimed that the latter did not go partying a day after the Davao City bombing.

So I did a quick search on Facebook armed with the name of the FB user that allegedly posted the photos and voila, the rumor that VP Robredo partying while Rome is burning so to speak is true! Check out the caption provided by the netizen who attended the same party with the VP.

"Throwing a SURPRISE birthday bash for Pia Mirador’s 50th….. I can feel her Joy, most especially if you have VP Leni Gerona Robredo as a surprise guest. What an elation…

In case the FB user deletes the photos, here’s the screen shot of the caption that came with the photo as shown below.

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