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WATCH: Mocha Uson Urged Pres. Duterte To Boycott Media: “Bayaran At Bastos Sila”

Mocha Uson one of the very vocal supporters of President Duterte seems very affected by the wrongdoings of the international media where it led the first meet up of PH President and U. S. President Obama to be cancelled and be move on a later date.

Mocha is requesting Duterte if he could boycott the media to refrain these media groups to have the guts in bringing him down and thus, she said:

Mr. President, please boycott the media again. Sinisira nila nag iyong imahe para sa kanilang pangsariling interes at pinapangit ang imahe n gating bayan sa ibang bansa. Marami pong mga ka-DDS na ngco-comment po n asana po ay iboycott niyo po uli ang mga BASTOS NA BAYARANG MEDIA.-Mocha Uson to President Duterte

Here’s the actual Facebook post of Mocha:

Here’s a 30-minute interview of Mocha Uson to Senator Peter Cayetano, regarding the media groups trying to drag Duterte down in any way they can.

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