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Witness labeled NBP as the drug trade center of the Philippines during Sen. De Lima’s term as DOJ Sec


Former PNP Chief Inspector Rodolfo Magleo who convicted on 2004 for kidnapping, volunteered to became one of the witness on Congress Investigation of Proliferation of Drug Syndicates at the National Bilibid Prison.

Rodolfo Magleo labeled the National Penitentiary as the drug trade center of the Philippines during Senator De Lima’s term as Department of Justice Secretary.

He also shared that the Maximum Security Compound became the little Las Vegas, because many famous celebrities were performed there to entertain the inmates. Magleo mentioned Freddie Aguilar, Sharon Cuneta and Mocha Girls who already performed inside the Maximum Security Compount.

Magleo narrated his conversation with Sec. De Lima’s alleged boyfriend Ronnie Dayan, who shared that Dayan planned to run as the Mayor of Urbiztondo that would funded by Sen. De Lima.

There was also something “intimate” between Ronnie Dayan and Sen. De Lima according to Magleo.

The witness confirmed that he is connected with the alleged Bilibid Drug Lord Jaybee Sebastian.

Magleo shared that Jaybee Sebastian monopolize the Drug Trade inside the National Bilibid Prison because Sebastian is very close to Sen. Leila De Lima. Sebastian also invited the former DOJ Secretary several times in his bungalow inside the Maximum Security Compound.


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