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Journalist and freelance writer Philip Lustre Jr. called the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte hopeless and beyond redemption.

In his Facebook post, Lustre shared an article from Manila Bulletin which titled "Are Duterte critics unpatriotic?"

Lustre said that whenever he is writing an article, he do it without considering the supporters of Duterte.

Lustre also said that exchanging arguments with Duterte supporters are just a waste of time.

Read his full post below:

"NOT IN ANY WAY. I've to make it clear. Whenever I write an article for mainstream media, or post a missive in social media, I do it without considering the rabid supporters of the sick, old man from South as an audience. They are farthest from my mind. I consider them hopeless; they are beyond redemption. No amount of reasoning would convince them. I hardly engage them in any exchange of arguments. No need; it's just a waste of time. If they enter my wall, I told them they could post their materials on their walls and the walls of certain people, including the pornlet's. Most of the time, I delete their comments, which are mostly rants, curses, and expletives, anyway, and block them unilaterally. No interaction, no problem. I just write for the general public, a large part of which seeks answers for many questions. My Cabalen has a different perspective. Excerpts of his latest column: "For democracy to thrive, it needs at least two contending sides. Without dissent, that’s the straight path to authoritarianism or a dictatorship. Without people saying “No” or “Wait a minute,” there’s no democracy. It’s dissent, as long as it’s within the bounds of the law and decorum, that makes democracy robust and viable. If we’re all “yes” men, that would make government complacent, lazy, and apathetic."


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