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Bam Aquino admits no free tuition fee bill passed after all

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After being called out on social media, Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino IV finally admitted he had nothing to do with the free tuition in state colleges and universities in 2017.
In a press release his office issued on Sunday, Aquino admitted his bill to provide free tuition in SUCs has not been passed at all.
“We’re hoping we can pass this by February or March in time for June school year at para libre na ang college tuition every school year,” the press release quoted him as saying.
But he still claimed many senators are “supporting” his bill for “libreng tuition fee.”
On Saturday, netizens twitted Aquino for claiming credit for the P8.3 billion the Senate realigned to provide free tuition in SUCs.
The Senate moved to realign the P8.3 billion after Sen. Panfilo Lacson found the amount as pork in the Department of Public Works and Highways’ budget.


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