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BREAKING: Ousting plot vs Duterte is shockingly real

The man behind the plot is no less than US former Ambassador to the Philippnes – Philip Goldberg.

The Manila Times received a document over the weekend allegedly outlining a one-and-a-half year “blueprint to undermine Duterte” but it is not yet clear if the State Department in Washington DC had finalized the recommendation by Goldberg. Read major plans that are enumerated below:

1. Weakness of Duterte
Goldberg said that Mr. Duterte’s weakness is that he “has no real friends” outside of his region for his propensity to mock and ridicule people close to him.
He also said that the President’s “views are shaped not by ideology or personal ambitions, but by old-fashioned nationalism where he holds the United States accountable for the Philippines’ current state of poverty and dependency.”

2. Highlighting the failures
The Goldberg plan calls for stoking public dissatisfaction with the President over unfulfilled election promises, and track corruption cases to bring down Duterte.

3. Isolation
The US will continually be extending military assistance to member of Asean countries except the Philippines, and/or through economic “blackmail” that aims to limit trade by some Asean member countries with the Philippines.

4. Siding with oppositions
The plan also indicates to deepen ties with administration-opposing Philippine officials, the police/military and leaders in the region who share the US concerns over Duterte.

5. Planting discontentment
Sowing discontent among the Duterte supporters and cultivating the cleavage between the congressmen and the senators over the Charter Change issue. Goldberg also recommends to “change the political landscape by dividing the core leadership of Duterte” by “sowing discontent among (his) partymates.”

He observed that some of the President’s allies are privately becoming concerned over his shift in foreign policy and the twist in the character of his economic and social agenda that veers closely toward the Left.

There will be fallout as a result of the Charter Change stalemate. Many legislators will break away from the administration as a consequence, Goldberg predicts.

6. Expose false vision
Expose the truth about Duterte – “his false vision for the Filipino people and his dangerous international relationships with China and Russia.”
The paper also wrote that the former US ambassador to the Philippines wanted to “know the views of Sen. Bongbong Marcos on a variety of issues such as: the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), China, Human Rights and the US-PH relations.”


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