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Do You Support Senator Manny Pacquiao For the Restoration of Death Penalty?

Pacquiao said that the Bible has given the government authority to do so. He believes that those people who committed heinous crimes should be punished with capital punishment.

 In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, a blogger and a supporter of Pacquiao, he said "Pacquiao knew how heartless criminals think and what they can possibly do to their poor victims.

 Pacquiao knew how it feels to be a victim of this shocking crime." Pacquiao as one of the Christian celebrities on the planet, argued to Senator Leila De Lima to bring back the death penalty in the Philippines.

 De Lima is known as a Human Rights advocate. However, other people say that the lady senator is just using Human Rights organization to hide her alleged illegal drug trade as a drug protector in the country. Senator Pacquiao told De Lima that it is time for the restoration of capital punishment.

It seemed De Lima was not interested to Pacquiao's speech during their legislative session a couple of weeks ago. The neophyte senator from Sarangani has earned a lot of respect from the Filipinos especially those people who wanted to restore the death penalty in the Philippines.

 Like Senator Sotto, Pacquiao believes that if there is a capital punishment just like in other countries, this law would help many law-abiding Filipino citizens who want to live a peaceful life.

 Pacquiao was thanked by a lot of his supporters all over the world. In fact, the trust ratings of "Pacman" raised up after he admitted that he supported President Rodrigo Duterte's advocacy for good governance.


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