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Duterte clears soldiers in EJKs: ‘Alam ko hindi niyo ginagawa yun’


President Rodrigo Duterte has practically absolved soldiers of involvement in extrajudicial killings as he reiterated his vow to take responsibility for their actions as long as they do their duty.
In his speech at Camp Servillano Aquino in Tarlac Sunday (Dec. 11), Duterte said it would be embarrassing if any soldier takes part in EJKs.
“Huwag naman ‘yung magbabaril tayo na tinalian na, nakakahiya naman ‘yung ganon at saka alam ko hindi niyo ginagawa ‘yun,” he said.
“Ngayon sabihin that nakatali na ang tao, nakaluhod. Do not do that. You will destroy the image of the Filipino soldier. We do it with honor always,” Duterte added.
Human rights groups have expressed alarm at the spate of EJKs under Duterte’s term, with thousands believed to have been killed because they are suspected criminals.

Pero ‘yung sabihin niya kaso that you maybe sabi na magkakaso-kaso ganon, forget it. I will defend you, just do your duty.


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