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Duterte wants to rule PH like Davao. And that’s bad, says Alejano

President Rodrigo Duterte’s latest statement about Martial Law proves his “dictatorial tendency”–the kind that he showed during his 20 years in power in Davao City, said Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano. 

“The people should be wary of such pronouncement of the president. We should remember Duterte was a virtual dictator of Davao City for over two decades where thousands died under questionable circumstances allegedly carried out by Davao Death Squad (DDS),” Alejano said Friday, December 23. 

The previous day, Duterte suggested that the President should have the power to declare Martial Law without getting the nod of Congress and the Supreme Court (SC). He cited instances of war as an example. 

“He wants that kind of power in the national level. He has a dictatorial tendency,” said the Marine captain-turned-politiko.

“That explains why Duterte keeps on floating the issue of Martial Law and probably the reason why he allowed the burial of [Ferdinand] Marcos in LNMB to feel the readiness and sentiments of the Filipino people for another Martial Law and a dictator,” he added. Alejano said that the Constitutional requirement for the declaration of Martial Law that Duterte wants to do away with intends to provide check and balance especially after the Marcos regime.

“There is a wisdom behind why Martial Law provisions in the 1987 Constitution were put in place precisely to avoid a dictator in the future and safeguard the Filipino people.

“I am confident that Congress and the Supreme Court would support any Martial [Law] declaration if they see real and present danger to the safety of the country due to invasion or widespread rebellion. Thats the essence of check and balance,” he explained.


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