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DUTERTE's KITCHEN: "Libre nga hindi naman masarap" -VP LENI

Proving that anytime can help and be generous no matter how rich or poor they are, 64-year old Nany Angelita Astor has become the first regular donor to "Duterte's Kitchen" despite being just a small vendor.

Nanay Angelita earned the praise of netizens for her generosity even if she also does not have a lot of money herself.

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, the Official Page of Duterte's Kitchen shared the story of how Nanay Angelita became a donor.

"Noong hindi pa kilala itong Duterte's Kitchen, madalas ko na rin nakakasalamuha ang mga batang pumupunta at kumakain dito. Paano ba naman eh yung pwesto ko ay nasa tabi lang nitong Kitchen, kaya madalas yung mga kasangkapan na sinasagot sa pagluluto ng lugaw ay sa akin binibili. Minsan naman binibigay ko na lang bilang tulong na rin."

(At the time when Duterte's Kitchen wasn't known yet? I had already spent time with the children who go and eat there. Since my selling spot is near the Kitchen, the staff often buy the ingredients of the porridge from me. Sometimes when they come here to buy, I just give it to them as a form of help.

Street Children tuck into freshly cooked "Lugaw" at Duterte's Kitchen which serves free meals thrice daily from Monday-Saturday, 7am-7pm, at PDP-Laban building in Cubao, Quezon City. According to Program Director Dexter Araquel, the kitchen was adopted from similar program of then Mayor Duterte in Davao, and that they hope to expand to other locations nationwide, through the help of volunteers and food donations.

Recently, VP Leni Robredo was asked if what can she say about the Duterte's Kitchen and the reporters was shocked by the answer of the Vice President.
"I really admire the dedication of the President to stop the extensively proliferation of the hunger of the poor. But i suggest that if you really want to help, make your food passed by your own taste." -VP LENI


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