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Enrile: Beware The Liberal is Again Doing The Same Marcos Strategy Against Duterte


Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is living a long life to tell his story. He is worth listening to. This clarifies all the questions why he was a part of the EDSA revolution that toppled the reign of former President Ferdinand Marcos but still an avid supporter of his son Bongbong Marcos. An open mind can really solve the mysteries behind the switch. One thing is sure, his moves were needed for survival – but he remained loyal despite the accusations that he betrayed Marcos. The late president knew of Enrile’s every move and he let that happen to prevent bloodshed.

The Communist Party in Alliance with the Liberal

It was clear the Benigno Aquino or Ninoy Aquino was in cahoots with the Communist Party when the late strongman struggled to prevent the country from becoming a communist nation. He used his connections with the academic sector and the church to create chaos and escalate the protests happening done by the activists through the media. Look at what’s happening today after the Marcos burial.

Liberal Party Capitalizes on the Bloodshed

The reported bloodsheds whether during the time of the older Marcos or from Duterte’s war on drugs give the Liberal Party the chance to attack the government and get sympathy from the people. We can only expect that these insurgencies will grow in number and become highly-publicized as they aim to unseat Duterte in favor of Leni Robredo.

The Senators are Vigilant not to let History Repeats Itself

The senators were divided and formed different factions in the past. The many groups destroyed the balance. Nowadays, there are two different groups – the pro and anti-Duterte. If the pro-Duterte maintain their loyalty to the administration, the Liberal Party will have a hard time of insisting on the V.P. Leni Robredo take over to the presidency.

Marcos Takeover

The situation for the Duterte administration can be solemnized after the take-over of Bongbong Marcos to the V.P. seat. The Liberal Party would not want Bongbong Marcos to be president. This is very crucial to monitor in the next few weeks.


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