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European at founder ng Filipino Event,Alamin ang Kanyang Ibinihagi Sa Facebook Account Tungkol Sa mga crime rate sa Pilipinas!

European and founder of Filipino Event took his Facebook account and shared what he observed about the crime rate in the Philippines. Malcolm Conlan said the crime rate in the Philippines had fallen because of the strategy of President Rodrigo Duterte. 

Conlan said that when he went home, the streets feels safer and less people begging and harrasing him for money. 

Read his full post below:

"Pleased to hear that the overall crime rate in the Philippines had fallen. 

"I believe this is due to the strategy of President Rodrigo Duterte and his War on Drugs. Dependency on drugs and the need for the next 'fix' often leads to a need to steal, commit robbery and other such crimes. Also rapes and other crimes were being committed under the influence of drugs.

"I don't deny there have been killings, I also don't deny that some of those killings may have been carried out by rival gangs maybe or drug syndicates, I do make the point however, that the purpose of this crackdown on drugs by the President was to make the Philippines safer.

"When I went home last month, the streets indeed did feel safer, there were less people begging and harassing me for money, there was much less corruption I felt and everyone seemed so much more positive in their outlook. Of course if you are in any way connected with drugs, it may be a different story. Just saying.."


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