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Netizen, dinepensahan si VP Robredo sa kaniyang US trip: NASAAN SI DUTERTE? Diba siya naman ang presidente?

Netizen, dinepensahan si VP Robredo sa kaniyang US trip: NASAAN SI DUTERTE? Diba siya naman ang presidente?

Cynthia Patag, who was recently in a hot feud with Mayor Sara Duterte, posted on her Facebook account on Tuesday of a statement of a netizen named Howard Tuanqui.

The context of the post talks about Vice President Leni Robredo as she faces negative criticisms from the public when she went to US for Christmas break while her province was hit by typhoon Nina. In the post, the Netizen stated that even though Leni was absent during the typhoon in Naga at least she is still doing her work to communicate and assist the Office of the Vice President in making efforts to send relief goods to the affected victims.

Read the full post of Cynthia Patag below:

Nasaan si Leni? Nasagot na, nasa US dahil nakaplano na years ago pa, pero tumutulong pa rin siya at ang opisina niya, ang Office of the Vice President, as relief efforts?

Pero ang mas malaking tanong, NASAAN SI DUTERTE? Diba nasa Davao lang naman siya and with all the resources at his disposal, bakit wala siya sa ground zero? Bakit ni photo op man lang sa Albay o CamSur o Catanduanes wala siya kagaya ng ginawa niya sa Yolanda? Diba siya naman ang presidente? Selective ba siya? Dahil ba natalo siya dito? Dahil ba kritiko niya si Leni? And I think I am asking more valid questions here.

And in fairness to VP Leni, even if she's in New York for a family reunion and vacation planned long before she ran for Vice President, she's effectively and efficiently playing conduit to a smooth flow of relief operations by putting up centers for the affected areas, during and immediately after the typhoon. I am amazed at the efficacy of her office and her staff. I know one of her able staff whose family in CamSur was also devastated, yet trod the dangerous roads early in the morning after the wrath of Typhoon Nina to facilitate some relief efforts for CamSur from here in Albay.

And you have to take note that she does it with no position in the cabinet at that! Now that she's not the housing czarina anymore let's see how 'more efficient and effective' Jun Evasco is insofar as handling the job and carrying out its functions are concerned. Thankfully, in her short stint of 5 months, VP Leni was able to put up security measures and forged ties that will ensure that things get done under the HUDCC that this administration will proudly boast and grab credit for.

And....remind me again who slashed the calamity fund and budget on a disaster by half to lobby a 2000% increase in a budget of his office.

Ngayon tayo magkakaalaman. Hindi kayo inaano pero kayo ang mahilig magsimula mga bwisit na bangag kayo. Di kayo nakakatulong!

~ by Howard Tuanqui

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