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President Duterte On Opposition: “If They Are Brighter Than Me, Then They Are Now Here In Malacañang”

President Duterte urged the businessmen to not believe the garbage that the opposition thrown to him to made him look stupid in managing the economy in the Philippines.

During the Wallace Business Forum Dinner with President Duterte in Malacanang on December 12, Craig Ryans of Sitel Philippines asked President Duterte about the BPO industry in the Philippines.

Ryans was concerned if President Duterte policies would affect the BPO industry in the Philippines.

President Duterte told Ryans to forget his fears because he respected the democracy of the Philippines and the free enterprise. The changes that would happen during his term is “better and not to kill businesses”

He also told Ryans that his fear was created by the opposition who wanted him to look clueless on taking care the businesses in the Philippines.

“Actually… it’s a product of the other side [opposition].. creating they would like to create an economic situation.. there will be a tilt of balance there somewhere.. and destroy the economy and blame it on me.” President Duterte told Ryans.

Duterte also guaranteed the the Philippines would honor all of it’s contract, not like the past administration known for it’s notoriety of not honoring contracts.

“Bending the rules for the favor of somebody, that’s b******* to me.” Duterte said.

The President also encouraged them to invest more.

He also told the Ryans and the other businessmen that he’s brighter than the people who created fear and wants to pull him down.

Duterte said that if the opposition was brighter than him, they must be the one who won the elections.

“Forget it … Do not believe in that garbage.. I am not that stupid.. they would like to picture me as one.. but you know I’m brighter than them [opposition].. you know why? because if they are brighter than me, they they are now here in Malacañang”


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