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Putin-Loida: Be Submissive To Your Husband First Before You Attack Duterte

MANILA–Russian President Vladimir Putin has now joined hands with other world leaders in defending President Rodrigo Duterte over the ongoing calls by several leaders to resign.

Speaking via a phone call, Putin has blasted Fil-Am community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis for what he calls lack of respect.Putin urged Loida to manage her family first before she throws nose into Duterte’s bussiness. “Your house is collapsing,your black husband is regretting why he married you for you lack aspects of a wife,you need to be rehabilitated.People who cannot be submissive to their husbands should not speak on behalf of others,” Putin Remarked.

Nicolas-Lewis had given Duterte a chance to prove himself as duly elected President of the Philippines, for the last 5 months.

“I was impressed at his sincerity, then I thought he was sincere, that what keeps people poor in the Philippines is drugs, corruption and injustice – and now what do I see? He’s killing and killing and killing,” said Nicolas-Lewis. “I would say he is a murderer in that sense.”


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