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Sino Ba Talaga Si James Taylor?Magugulat kayo sa kanyang Kataohan!

Who is James Taylor > Criminal Offender and Baby Sexual Assaulter 

James Taylor was first jailed in 2003 for sexually assaulting a baby girl, but was released early in 2008. His son and daughter alerted police after discovering indecent images of children on the 53-year-old's laptop. Taylor, from Falkirk, was sentenced to a year in prison, along with a further year from his original rape sentence. There was outcry when Taylor was originally jailed for five years after photographing himself raping the 13-month-old while living in Grangemouth in 2003. The sentence was later increased to eight years on appeal, along with a five-year supervision order after his release. 

Guilty Plea 

However, when Taylor's son visited him in June 2013 he saw him using a laptop and realised his father was barred from using the internet as a registered sex offender. The son and one of his sisters discussed the matter, and when they checked back in August they found the laptop in their father's bedroom. When they discovered it contained a large number of indecent images of children, they removed it and contacted police. 

Officers found 5,240 still indecent images, along with 464 film clips on the laptop, which a computer expert said dated back to the 2003 case. The court heard that the same images were found in 2003, and Taylor had hidden a copy of them before transferring them on to his laptop after his release. Having earlier pleaded guilty to possessing indecent images, Taylor was last week ordered to serve a further 12 months of the rape sentence. The High Court in Glasgow has now added a one-year term for possessing the abuse images, which will start from the end of that period. 

Other Serious Criminal Offenses of Taylor 

Appellant James C. Taylor appeals his convictions of burglary, a Class A felony, Indiana Code section 35-43-2-1 (1999); criminal deviate conduct, a Class B felony, Indiana Code section 35-42-4-2 (1998); and attempted rape, a Class B felony, Indiana Code sections 35-42-4-1 (1998) and 35-41-5-1 (1977). Taylor also appeals the jury’s verdict that he is guilty but mentally ill of a second charge of criminal deviate conduct and of sexual battery, a Class D felony, Indiana Code section 35-42-4-8 (1998). Finally, Taylor appeals the jury’s determination that he is a habitual offender, Indiana Code section 35-50-2-8 (2005), and the sentences that the trial court imposed for his convictions. We affirm.

On January 10, 2008, M.G., who was seven months pregnant, was at home with her daughter, who was less than two years old. Looking out a window, M.G. saw a man who was later identified as Taylor approach her house. M.G. opened the door to see what Taylor wanted. After a brief conversation, during which Taylor asked M.G. if her boyfriend was at home and was told that her husband was at work, Taylor forced his way into the house. Taylor pushed M.G. over and got on top of her. Taylor and M.G. struggled as M.G.’s daughter watched. Taylor forced M.G. to remove her clothes and took off his clothes.

Taylor groped, fondled and licked M.G. He attempted to put his penis in her vagina but could not maintain an erection. At that point, Taylor remembered that the front door was open. When Taylor got up and closed the door, M.G. got up and ran out of the house into the backyard. M.G.’s daughter remained inside the house. Taylor chased M.G., who ran to her neighbor’s garage and screamed for help. Taylor and M.G. struggled, and Taylor mocked M.G.’s cries for help when no one responded. Taylor then tried to convince M.G. to come back inside. M.G. refused, and Taylor became angry. M.G. agreed to have sex with him if they stayed outside, but Taylor was unable to maintain an erection. As they continued to talk, M.G. convinced Taylor to walk around the side of her house towards the front. As they walked along the side of the house, Taylor stopped them and again attempted to vaginally penetrate M.G. but could not.

M.G. and Taylor walked around to the front of the house and moved towards the front door. M.G. sat down on her front porch, stating that she was unable to go any further. Taylor attempted to coax and physically force M.G. to go to the front door, but at that point M.G. attracted the attention of a nearby pedestrian and screamed for help. That person stopped several passing motorists, who called the police. During this time, Taylor did not flee. Instead, he told the pedestrian that he and M.G. were fine and that M.G. was his girlfriend. Taylor also contradicted M.G. when she screamed out her house’s address and attempted to mislead people as to the correct address. Taylor continued to yell at the bystanders that everything was fine until he heard sirens. At that point he attempted to reenter the house to get his clothes but discovered that he had locked the front door earlier. The police arrived and took Taylor into custody. The State charged Taylor with the offenses identified above. At trial, Taylor argued that he was not guilty by reason of insanity. The jury returned its verdict, and the court sentenced Taylor to an aggregate sentence of eighty years.

Dr. Delmar Topinio Taclibon, MBA, PhD.D.A.


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Docket Number: 10-1575

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