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Tunay Bang Nasa Laylayan? Sasot Exposed Leni Robredo’s Alleged Wealthy Lifestyle In Response Of The People Who Criticizes Mocha

Sass Rogando Sasot, one of the brightest supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte exposed the alleged wealthy lifestyle of Vice President Robredo.
On Monday, Sasot lashed back to the critics of Mocha Uson who ridiculed the social media star for eating in a mid range restaurant in Ayala Center and owning an expensive laptop.

Critics of Mocha believes that she don’t have the right to be an image of the masses because she’s living comfortably.

Leah Navarro reacted to the photo of the social media star eating a balot with his friend and blogger Thinking Pinoy and said that Mocha had a luxurious lifestyle and only pretending to be poor.

In response, friends of Mocha Uson including Sass Rogando Sasot defended the social media star and exposed the wealth of the Vice President Leni Robredo who strongly supported by Navarro.

Sasot posted a photo of Leni Robredo, wearing an expensive bag worth thousands of pesos while trying to pass a flood.

She also revealed the menu for a dinner to honor the Vice President. The menu offered some expensive dishes Wagyu beef worth 1,000-2,000 per kilo and Foie Gras worth thousands of pesos.

She also posted a photo of VP Leni with her daughters using an expensive laptop.

Sasot wanted to prove to the critics of Mocha that VP Robredo who also want to be an image of the masses also living comfortably.

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