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United States wants bilateral visa policy with Asia after Duterte's announcement

WASHINGTON — The secretary of the United States Department of State, John Kerry has said that the United States would consider a two-sided visa arrangement with Asia.

John Kerry's remark comes after President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday pummeled the United States for its prohibitive visa arrangement for Filipinos and why visa approaches are not reciprocal.

Talking from a squeeze preparation in Washington, the U.S Department of State secretary said the U.S had before on considered a two-sided visa concurrences with Asia to advance the nation's tourism, consequently vacationer receipts and entries.

"We are practically done setting up measures to guarantee that we don't go into understandings that would demolish our movement arrangements. We have made a framework to guarantee guests don't do in spite of what their visas permit them to" he included.
He however did not specify when the U.S would go into such reciprocal understanding.

Addressing the Filipino people group in Beijing, Mr. Duterte talked about his push to get a visa to visit his better half in the United States when he was in school.


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