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VIRAL : Sen. Cayetano Lambasts ABS-CBN for alleged bias Report in an Open Letter

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano Lambasts ABS-CBN for their alleged bias reporting and reminded the network to be fair on reporting about President Rody Duterte. ABS-CBN made a controversial article titled "To Believe, or Not to Believe, President Duterte."
The senator, a long time ally of Pres. Rody Duterte questioned the intentions of ABS-CBN on reporting against Pres. Duterte and reminded them not to take seriously and literally the statement of the President.

Sen. Cayetano also noted that during the term of former Pres. Aquino, he promised that he would allow himself to be run over by the train if he doesn't finish the train to Cavite. Pres. Aquino failed on his promise but ABS-CBN remained silent, unlike today, every statement of Pres. Duterte were always a major issue for the network.


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