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VIRAL:Netizen who hugged by Duterte in Singapore reacted on the news report about her and calls them bias

A video published by a big news company in the Philippines has gone viral on the internet and angered some of the supporters of President Duterte. 

The video showed that the Presidential Guards carried up one of the audience who identified as Neriz Roma, a worker from Singapore. The video showed that President Duterte hugged Roma while taking a selfie.

They accused the news network of putting malice on the video taken after his speech at the the Max Pavilion and Hall 9 of the Singapore Expo on December 16, 2016.

According to Roma, she only wanted to hold the hand of President Duterte and after that she decided to leave. But after the Presidential saw her having a hard time to get out of after being accidentally pushed by the crowd, the President ordered his guards to carried her up to the stage. 

As an evidence that she was so grateful of what happened to her during that day, Roma made her precious selfie with President Duterte as her profile picture.

Mai Laborde, also posted the narration of Neriz during her encounter with President Duterte. 

Roma Neriz thanked her friends including the supporters of Duterte for defending her and the President against the people who wanted to destroy the image of the President.


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