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Why is China arming Bato, PNP? Tatad claims it’s not to fight crime but for ‘civil war’

The estimated P720-million grant that China will give to the Philippine National Police will be used to buy firearms in preparation for a much bigger war that the government is reportedly preparing for apart from its offensive against drug addicts, Senator Francisco Tatad has claimed.
In his Manila Times column published Monday (Dec. 26), Tatad said: “Serious analysts are concerned that [Secretary to the Cabinet Jun] Evasco and company are preparing the nation not for a wider counter-narcotics war but for a ‘civil war.'”
Tatad raised the possibility of a civil war breaking out as he noted there is no need to arm policemen at present since they are not fighting against menacing cartels in the war on illegal drugs.
“Unlike in Latin America, where the drug cartels engage government forces in armed battles, those who have been killed here were totally unarmed, except after the killing when a caliber 38 revolver makes its appearance in the hands of the victim. We do not therefore need to arm the police anymore,” he said.
Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said China has committed P100 million yuan or around P720 million to help the Philippines fight terrorism. The amount, he said, will be used to buy firearms, night vision goggles and faster boats, among others.
China has also pledged a P25-million long-term soft loan to help the Philippine government purchase firearms and other equipment.

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