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The story of the rumor about the snake man at the basement of Robinson’s Galleria was said to have originated from one of the employees of the mall, working at the engineering department.

According to the stories, the snake man is permitted to have a CCTV access to the Robinson’s Galleria cameras to spy on woman he likes. And when the snake man liked the girl he saw, he will just flip a switch to bring that girl to him. The flip switch would draw a hole where the woman will drop falling straight into his arms.

There were also rumors that actress Alice Dixson, former Ms. International 1986, is one of the victims of the snake man.

According to Alice, when she was asked about the incident, she said: “I have no idea who started this incredible story, but I have to tell you that some people believed it and even started staring at my legs to see if there were any signs of snake skin. A few people still ask me about it, and I have to tell them na naging handbag na ho sa Robinson’s Department Store. Thank goodness there was no Internet yet at that time, or you would start receiving photos of me with a snake’s body and my kakambal na snake with a woman’s legs!”


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