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BREAKING: Conspiracy plan to oust Duterte leaks from Loida and Leni's yahoo?

One of their tactics...divide and conquer the pro-Reform Social Media influencers aligned with Duterte. Ito may nag-message sa akin, trying to play a pyschological game with me. Alam niyo bibigyan ko kayo ng heads up: Envying anyone isn't part of my genes. You know why? Because envy is an obstacle to greatness. I was raised well.

Regarding what THEY can do about Leni's legal defense and keep her in power and even make her president?? Two things emerged from the #LeniLeaks emails:
1. "Ely, pls call Lilly." - Loida Nicolas Lewis
Lilly is Loida's Executive Assistant
2. The only way: Duterte must resign.
Mainstream media? San na kayo?


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