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BREAKING! Gen. Garbo linked to kidnapper of Korean business man

PSupt. Raphael Dumlao, the team leader of SPO3 Ricky Sta. Isabel who is being linked to the Korean kidnapping case, named the ‘narco’ general that PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa accused of being Sta. Isabel’s protector and backer in the PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (PNP-AIDG).
Dumlao said, Sta. Isabel had been boasting of working for the retired Philippine National Police Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo, that’s why he was able to get in the directorate for intelligence.
“He was assigned through the direction of general garbo, he told me this personally,” PSupt. Dumlao said.
Dumlao also noted that Garbo might also be behind the hiring of Sta. Isabel at the AIDG.
However, he clarified that Garbo never called him to accommodate Sta. Isabel.
“Later on, he [Sta. Isabel] was claiming that General Garbo personally knows him, and that he is being called “anak” by Garbo. And that, personally, he was being asked to handle a personal business,” added Dumlao.
AIDG director PS/Supt. Albert Ferro said they are still finding out who Garbo talked to inside the AIDG to accommodate Sta. Isabel.
“Our formal investigation is still ongoing. So let’s wait first for the result of the investigation the Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG) is conducting.”
Meanwhile, the wife of Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo has confirmed that the golf set found at the Gream Funeral Service in Caloocan was her husband’s.
According to AKG’s legal officer atty. Dennis Wagas, the golf set was used as payment by the group of Sta. Isabel for the funeral parlor to accept of the body of the victim.
Wagas added that this development is a big help for the investigation they are conducting against the group of Sta. Isabel.
The golf set was found in the funeral home last night after AKG searched the place by virtue of a warrant.


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