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BREAKING: Rappler Bosses, presenting a propaganda news with twisted 'alternative facts'


Today, I decided to file an ethics complaint against Chay F. Hofileña, Paige Occeñola, and Pia Ranada Robles. Rappler doesn't have a dedicated email for that, so I used desk@rappler.com.

I will be updating you about this. Here's the copy of my letter:

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to file an ethics complaint against Chay F. Hofileña, Paige Occeñola, and Pia Ranada Robles regarding their recent article, "Inside Martin Andanar's man cave."

In that article, they wrote:

"It was Sasot who first posted about #LeniLeaks on Twitter in the evening of January 5. She followed up with a Facebook post afternoon of January 6, detailing the message of United States-based Loida Nicolas Lewis in a Yahoogroup about how to defend the Vice President from criticism and defeated vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos: “The only way to fight this evil plot to unseat Vice President Leni Robredo is to ask Duterte to Resign."

It was also Sasot who recently equated the punishment of fake news with the punishment of people who write fiction, generating a wave of criticism and negative reactions. Faraway in The Netherlands, she openly cursed Rappler’s Palace reporter Pia Ranada for her story on #LeniLeaks. Sasot’s post has since been taken down."


Although Rappler is not a member of Philippine Press Institute, I do believe that your journalists do observe their Journalists' Code of Ethics. Accordingly,

"efforts must be exerted to make stories fair, accurate and balanced. Getting the other side is a must, especially for the most sensitive and critical stories. The other side must run on the first take of the story and not any day later."

Hofileña, Occeñola, and Robles report is not fair, accurate, and balanced.

First of all, I didn't say that it was Loida Nicolas Lewis who sent the email that contains the social media strategy of the Office of the Vice President instructing their supporters to launch a counter-attack against what the OVP called "troll influencers," which includes me. The person who emailed that is Imelda Nicolas and she got it from a certain Pete Silva. Here's the cache of that exact email: http://archive.is/NTcW0.

Second, Hofileña, Occeñola, and Robles wrote that I cursed at Robles, but they didn't write why I did that. I cursed Robles because of her inaccurate reporting last January 9, where she said that pro-Duterte bloggers, which in her article included me, concluded from the #LeniLeaks emails that ""the Vice President was conniving with plotters to oust the President." I didn't say that at all. And Robles didn't issue an erratum to clarify what happened. That is, of course, an ethical violation, as the Journalists Code of Ethics clearly says, journalists who

"... commit errors of fact or impression...must acknowledge this on print, and promptly issue a clarification."

And third, Hofileña, Occeñola, and Robles have not consulted me to get my side at all. I am not an anonymous person. They could have contacted me to get my views so that they could present a fair, accurate, and balanced report.

I trust that Rappler would do something to address this ethics complaint.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.



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