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Girl nearly destroys a marriage after she attempts to seduce a man in exchange of iPhone 7

A Facebook user named “Isiah Victoria” has gone viral on the internet and faced criticisms from the Netizens after a post Luzviminda Pantaleon which revealed how Isiah allegedly seduced her husband in exchange of iPhone 7 has gone viral on the internet.
According to the complainant, Isiah added her husband on Facebook, messaged him and started to seduce him in exchange of some money or iPhone 7.
Luzviminda also said that she wanted to became silent about the issue, but she decided to publicize it because of the problem that came in their family because of the girl who allegedly seduced her husband.
The complaint of Luzviminda was reposted by the Netizens on Facebook and already considered as viral topic.
The complainant wrote:
“I am utterly disgusted. Why is the new generation like this? I am out of words. Yesterday, there was a lady named “Isiah Victoria” who added my husband on Facebook. My husband never really checks who adds him and just accepts right away. This lady messages my husband and offers intercourse/prostitution for an iPhone 7. Is this the way ladies should act? I am even more surprised that she is a resident of San Juan City… My childhood hometown. Thinking that she hit the jackpot for an iPhone 7, she flirts with my husband who rode along her scheme to make her think that she was one step ahead of him, when in reality he was 10 steps ahead. Gusto ko lang po sana matigil ang ganitong klaseng pamamaraan ng mga kababaihan dahil hindi ito tama. Bakit nga ba ganito ang kabataan ngayon? Sa mga nakakakilala kay Isiah Victoria, sana naman pagsabihan ninyo ang inyong kaibigan na mali ang kanyang ginagawa. Alam niya na may asawa si Fherdie. Ilang beses niya inulit na may asawa siya, pero handa niyang sagasaan ang marriage namin para lang makakuha ng iPhone 7. Hindi tama iyon. Kahit saang anggulo mo tingnan, hindi iyon tama. I hope this post reaches her parents para in that way, maitama nila ang paguugali ng kanilang anak. Nakaklungkot lang isipin kung ilang pamilya na ang nasira nitong babae na ‘to.”
Screenshot of the original post of Luzviminda against Isiah on Facebook
Screenshot of the original post of Luzviminda against Isiah on Facebook
The girl also received criticisms from the Netizens after the complainant shows the messages between her husband and Isiah.
Isiah still continued her mission to get an iPhone 7 despite of knowing that her chat mate is already married.
This is some of the conversation between Isiah and Luzviminda’s husband.

The authenticity of the conversation is not yet proven, but Luzviminda claimed that the screenshots was legitimate and not edited.
But despite of that, some of the supporters of Isiah was not convinced of the evidence showed by Luzviminda against their idol. They also criticize the husband of Luzviminda for agreeing to meet Isiah despite of knowing that he’s already married.
Isiah is not yet giving any statement on the allegations of Luzviminda against her.

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