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Kabayan Noli de Castro Questions VP Leni's Concern About Her Government Position: 'Paano po mananakaw sa inyo ang posisyon eh halal po kayo?'

The ABS-CBN network has been recently linked with biased reporting and favoritism. Its news article seems to be entitled in ways that people would normally be confused and eager to read it.
The way that the news articles were published makes the news seem altered or is stray from what the point of the news is. But it's not always the case.

ABS-CBN is also the home of one of the finest news anchors that the country has. The quality of reporting, the way it is delivered and the dire honesty of the anchor is truly fascinating.

Delivering the news with confidence and certainty. And when we talk about great news anchors, we can never forget about "Kabayan" Noli de Castro.
In a recent live news interview, VP Leni Robredo had the chance to have a talk woth the TV Patrol news anchor, Noli de Castro. The topic was about how VP Leni is concerned about the plans to remove her and steal the position.

Name dropping Senator Bongbong Marcos upon the issue, Kabayan questioned exactly how would they steal the position from her.


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