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Marcos camp to SC: Inutusan Ang COMELEC Na Isiwalat Ang Laman Ng Hindi Nagamit Na SD cards

MANILA, Philippines – The camp of vanquished bad habit presidential competitor, previous representative Ferdinand Marcos Jr. asked the Incomparable Court (SC) on Friday to demonstrate the substance of the "unused" SD cards from the May 9 surveys. 

In a six-page indication, Marcos through his insight George Erwin Garcia said, "It is consciously asked of this Fair Tribunal to coordinate the COMELEC (Commission on Decisions) to outfit the protestant and the other invested individuals for this situation with… the consequences of the unscrambling of the SD cards from (1,356) units of possibility VCMS (vote-tallying machines), which were found to contain information amid the said conclusion/stripping exercises." 

The sign was documented before SC going about as the Presidential Discretionary Tribunal (PET) that is listening to the race dissent recorded by Marcos. 

The previous representative lost to VP Leni Robredo by a thin edge of 263,473 votes in the last and authority count of votes in the May 9 races. 

Garcia said the way that a hefty portion of the as far as anyone knows "unused" SD cards were found to have information amid the stripping exercises reinforced their position that unimportant physical examination is not adequate to demonstrate that they were not utilized as a part of the May 2016 decisions.


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