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MUST READ! Leni Robredo is not a born leader, much less a great one, says writer

The world's greatest leaders recognize leadership when they see it. It's like a built-in radar. Because they see it in themselves, they home in on people who possess the same quality.

That's why Putin, not by any definition puny and lame; Japan's Shinzo Abe; Xi Jinping, leader of China at a time that it is slowly overtaking any country in the world; all gravitate towards Duterte, a man from a 3rd World country who is so far behind in power but who has immense potential and gravitas they have given him and this country unprecedented importance.

And this is why Leni Robredo does not get Duterte, because Leni Robredo simply is not a born leader, much less a great one.

It's a fact. Leni Robredo may be kind, maybe she is sweet, maybe outside of politics she is a wonderful human being and friend, but Leni Robredo does not have what ittakes. She does not even know what her own office is doing. See: #Lenileaks

Lalamunin sya ng buhay sa larangan ng politika. It is actually in favor to her that Duterte does not resign or--as her many supporters keep wishing on him--die.

Di mo kakayanin, bes.

By: Krizette Laureta Chu

"Duterte feels the weight of his office with every fiber of his being. Nothing is about him these days and for the next 5 and a half years. Up until he is done serving his term of office, everything about him will be about country. And so this patent disrespect of the Filipino people’s mandate by the VP Leni Robredo and her gang of power hungry clowns is not something he takes lightly.

It really is a simple thing. And this time, I hope this VP gets this one simple thing." -Dr. Lorraine T. Badoy


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