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MUST READ: The Modern Day Makapili

The modern day Makapili deludes himself into thinking he is like Rizal (Laong Laan) or Andres Bonifacio (Agapito Bagumbayan) or Antonio Luna (Taga Ilog) or Apolinario Mabini (Dimlas Ilaw) just because he chooses to remain anonymous.
The sheer narcissism of it all.

By the sole and flimsy reason that these Filipino revolutionaries used pen names, the Modern Day Makapili dare compare himself to the greatest men this country has ever birthed. Men who, aside from being gifted writers, were ACTIVE in the revolution. Men who, despite using nom de plumes, were front and center in the battlefields. Unlike the Modern Day Makapili, the men behind La Liga Filipina (who were also behind the La Solidaridad and the reform movement) dispensed scholarship funds, paid for the expenses incurred as reformists lobbied at the Spanish courts, and raised funds for the paper (and not have some rich financier just support it among other worthy pursuits. They didn't spend all their time looking for pictures of their enemies in gagamba costumes (hi, Sass Rogando Sasot) or digging through old, sexy photos of a wildly liberated opponent as a way to silence her and remove any trace of respectability.

Unlike the Modern Day Makapili, our national heroes were front and center in the fight against oppressors, risking life and limb so they could further their fight.
Can you imagine Jose Rizal writing what a POKPOK Mocha Uson is? Can you imagine Andres Bonifacio making fun of Sass' gender? I certainly can't.

What a dishonor to the memory of our heroes that the Modern Makapili aligns themselves with them, instead of aligning themselves with our history's most infamous and hated traitors who collaborated with the enemy, hated not for their fighting abilities or their superior intellect, but because of their treachery, selling out their own people.

During the Japanese era,the MAKAPILI members, who covered their heads with bamboo baskets to remain anonymous, pointed out the guerillas and their sympathizers, who were then dragged off to be tortured and executed by Japanese soldiers.

The Modern Day Makapili, is far -- million light years away far-- from the Filipino hero. He is anonymous because he is a spineless, gutless hypocrite.

He only wants the anonymity but not the bravery. If he were brave, he would, like our heroes, stand by their statement.

He only wants the anonymity, and not the accountability. He attacks Lorraine Badoy for "bullying" Jillian Robredo. and then bullies Sandro Marcos. He unveils the face of Thinking Pinoy - TP, even when TP has said he has death threats. Were our heroes spiteful? No? I didn't think so.

He wants the anonymity, because anonymity gives him the unfair advantage of singling out people and pointing out their flaws and revealing their dark histories, without being put through the wringer himself.

Isn't this the height of hypocrisy? Were our heroes hypocrites? No, I didn't think so.

He wants anonymity, because he cannot bear the burden of intense scrutiny. Intense scrutiny he subjects his enemies to. Why? Because then his credibility comes crashing down.

He asks Duterte supporters, "Ano ang ginawa ninyo para sa bayan?" and yet he will never be able to answer the same. Ikaw, Makapili, ano ang ginawa mo para sa bayan? Mang nega kay Mocha? Magaling.

He is afraid that somebody like Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, who is active on ground zero and in many poor areas in Samar, will ask him: "O, ikaw, ang dami mong dada, anong ginawa mo para sa Pilipino?"

He is anonymous because he has done NOTHING for the least of his brethren. 

There is NOTHING, nothing in his life he is proud about.

He is anonymous because he is both afraid and greedy. Afraid because when his real persona is revealed, even his own followers would say, "'Yan? Yan lang? Sino ba yan?" He is afraid because if his enemies knew who he is, he would be ridiculed as an intellectual lightweight and a non-contributing member of his society. He is afraid because he peddles lies, and are afraid of their consequences

He is afraid of Trixie Cruz-Angeles, of Antonio P. Contreras.

He is anonymous because he has no scruples. He will use a family's tragedy--like the tragedy of a daughter raped by her father--to shame, demean, and demoralize people, like Antonio P. Contreras. The poor girl victimized many times over, as her name gets dragged into an issue she should be spared from. Because Contreras chose to fight, his family will not be spared. The victim will not be spared. That's what anonymity gives them--the freedom to be malicious cowards.

The Modern Day Makapili hides in anonymity for no honorable reason. Nothing. Hisanonymity is cowardice, plain and simple. He knows he is not enough. He knows his pyramid of lies will crumble. He knows that he has to be made accountable. He knows there is punishment. And because he does not come from an earnest place, the Makapili knows better to show his face.

Real heroes have names. Real heroes go down in history as men and women who fought for our land. Real heroes unmask themselves because they realize that this country is worth fighting, and even dying for.

The MAKAPILIs meanwhile died and are remembered as they lived-- 
ANONYMOUSLY. Here are their names, but you may have never even heard of them: former revolutionary general Artemio Ricarte, Pio Duran, and former Sakdalista Movement founder Benigno Ramos (Benigno AND Ramos--how ironic.)
If the MAKAPILI's REAL persona is revealed? Would he have the TIBAY NG SIKMURA that Mocha, Sass, TP, and other much maligned bloggers have to continue this fight? NEVER. They will never be able to withstand the focus and the ridicule their lives will be subjected to.

It is best to remember that the MAKAPILI has never and will never matter in the long run, a miniscule footnote in the annals of our history. Nameless, faceless traitors with no real aspiration but to serve themselves.

The Modern Day Makapili's anonymity is just about--and only about--cowardice, so stop pretending otherwise.

When you truly love your country, when you truly believe in what you are fighting for, you give your country the most special part of yourself-- YOUR NAME.



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