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NAKU PO Baka Mahuli Po Tayo': Woman Dead After Bus Conductor Forces Her to Get off Quickly to Avoid Violation Ticket

A woman fell to her death while getting off a CEM bus along the northbound lane of EDSA-Balintawak in Quezon City yesterday, January 29, 2017. 

Chief Insp. Carlito Renegin, head of the city Police Traffic Management Office, said that Boe, 49 years old, was about to alight the vehicle and was standing near the door when she fell, hitting her head on the pavement. 
She was rushed to the hospital but died of severe head trauma.

According to the bus conductor, he thought Boe was still behind him and that he was surprised upon seeing her lying lifeless on the road.

But witnesses claim that he had something to do with her death as he allegedly urged Boe to get off the bus quickly to avoid a violation ticket from nearby MMDA traffic enforcers.

The bus driver, Edmond Salcedo, surrendered to the authorities voluntarily after the incident. 


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