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PRES Duterte’s Important ANNOUNCEMENT to all Pro-government Groups

President Rodrigo Duterte made a proclamation addressed to all Youth groups, exhorted them to be part of the pro-government forces and help him run the nation.
The President admitted that he’s having a hard time to lead the country down to the Barangay level due to lack of manpower particularly the tanods, telling to restore the said institution with the aid of the Duterte-Youth.
“I have to talk to you guys because baka makatulong kayo, so you help me run the country smoothly and in the fullness of god’s time maawa kayo wala ng corruption at magtratrabaho lahat. We will make it.” Duterte proclaimed.
Duterte-Youth chairman Ronald Cardima, stated the pro-government youth group with approximately 1 million members’ to raise, will loyally defend President Duterte from any ouster plots and political tirades and help the PNP/AFP in catching drug addicts/pushers & suspected terrorists/criminals in every barangay.
“We’re tired with our mediocre Philippine Society and with the 2016 slogan Change is Coming. Our new slogan this 2017 is Change Starts Today and the Filipino Youth is the catalyst for that change,” Cardiman said.

“This nation and our more than 100 million population is tired being victimized by drug addicts & criminals, tired being looked down upon by Western Nations, tired being overtaken by our more prosperous neighboring countries, and tired living in life-long mediocrity & in a substandard society. We are calling on all nationalistic Filipino Youth, ages 15 to 30, to become Duterte Youth Leaders, help President Duterte cleanse and reform our rotten Philippine Society, and participate in transforming the Philippine Republic into a real Southeast Asian Superpower, during the next six years.” he added.


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