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Senator De Lima accuses President Duterte behind the attack based on a credible source

Senator De Lima accuses President Duterte behind the attack based on a credible source

Senator Leila de Lima claimed on Friday that President Rodrigo Duterte was the one who ordered the attack on the life of imprisoned gang leader, Jaybee Sebastian, based on her credible source.

"Ang Pangulo mismo ang nag-utos niyan (The President himself ordered it), and implemented by his enforcers."  De Lima said.

The petty quarrel between De Lima and Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre continues as he claimed De Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV were the one accountable of the attempt.

But De Lima insisted it was President Rodrigo Duterte who ordered the attack. This was to force Sebastian to testify against her in the House of Representatives, according to De Lima.

"Clearly, that's one sure way of coercing Sebastian, et al, to testify and lie against me as they eventually did after (the) stabbing incident." she said.

"They have the capacity and resources to do anything and everything, including downright criminal acts, in order to implement and consummate a presidential vendetta to destroy De Lima at all costs." she added.

De Lima was allegedly accused in involvement of New Bilibid Prison illegal-drug trade.

De Lima expects that more criminal cases to be filed against her, calling it part of a "continuing saga" of "€œmadness and prosecution"€ by the administration.

Also, she slammed Aguirre for enrolling acknowledged drug dealers such as Kerwin Espinosa in government’s witness protection program just to pin her down.

"€˜Yung mga tunay na drug lords (at) convicts (The real drug lords and convicts), and these are big time criminals, are the ones absolved or to be absolved basta ba si De Lima ang makasuhan at makulong (so long as De Lima can be charged and jailed),"€ she said.

"€œWhat a travesty of truth and justice,"€ she said as she noted that “we have not heard any more” about the bribery and extortion scandal that saw two associate commissioners of the Bureau of Immigration, both of them fraternity brothers of Duterte, sacked after they allegedly received millions of pesos from gambling operator Jack Lam.


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