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SHOCKING! Ang Nasa Likod Ng Superficial Gazette at Madam Claudia na TROLL FB PAGE Ay Ang Rappler, Bam Aquino at OVP!

Gio Tingson is the Chief Political Officer of Senator Bam Aquino. He is the person behind Superficial Gazette (SG).

SG has launched a demolition job against bloggers like me, accusing me several times of being a "paid hack." That means, a government employee is attacking a private individual for expressing her opinion against people in power.
That's all.

Dear ex-National Youth Commission Chair Gio Tingson:
cc: Akbayan PartyList

Since you are reportedly one of the administrators of the Superficial Gazette, I would like you to explain to us how am I a "paid hack"? Aren't you working at the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines? Or is it with Senator Bam Aquino?

According to a very reliable source from Boracay Mansion, you handle or handled the Black Ops of Mar-Leni. How true?

Hmmm...diba grabe ang ginagawa ng Superficial Gazette to demolish the president? Who told you to do that? Paid by Filipino taxpayers money ba yan?


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