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Supalpal Ang Inabot Ni Winnie Monsod Sa Isang Ex DILG Secretary Dahil Sa Kanyang Nasabi Ukol Sa Programa Ng Duterte Administration

Former Interior Secretary Rafael "Raffy" Alunan lambasts veteran columnist and political strategist Winnie Monsod for her statement that the anti-drug campaign of Pres. Rody Duterte will surely failed based on the experience of Thailand.

Raffy Alunan released a harsh statements against Winnie Monsod who is a known supporter of former Pres. Aquino and the Liberal Party, and one of the few political strategists who are critics of the Duterte administration.

According to Alunan, we won't beat drugs if we keep saying we can't as what Winnie Monsod wanted to tell the Filipino people.
The staunched critic of Pres. Duterte, Winnie Monsod pointed out in her Philippine Daily Inquirer column published on January 7, that there are certain similarities between Thailand's drug wars with Pres. Duterte, proving that an iron fish could not eradicate narcotics.

As a response to Winnie Monsod's column, Raffy Alunan, a known supporter of Pres. Duterte took to Facebook and defended the Philippine President by releasing the following statement on social media:

Here's the Complete Statement of Former DILG Sec. Raffy Alunan:

We won't beat drugs if we keep saying we can't. Defeatism is like aiding and abetting this deadly trade. We will beat drugs if both the government and society come together to extinguish it by addressing the supply and demand ends of the business equation. 

Government addresses supply, society addresses demand. Government in the exercise of good governance; society in the exercise of responsible citizenship. It's called "whole-of-nation" approach with unity of purpose to save our children's future. Di ba?


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