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Truth Revealed: Another Proof Debunking the Viral "Bus Waiting" Photo of VP Robredo

A concerned netizen shared another proof on social media debunking the viral "bus waiting" photo of Vice President Leni Robredo and confirming the allegations made by Atty. Bruce Rivera that what the former lawmaker did was just a publicity stunt to get the people's attention.

Concerned netizen Markus Cassius posted on his personal page his investigations of the alleged publicity stunt of Vice President Leni Robredo who was caught on camera waiting for bus ride on her way to Bicol. 

According to Markus, based on his discovery there's no chance for VP Leni Robredo to get a ride in the area of Shell Magallanes because there is no bus stop in the exact spot where she was spotted and photographed standing. 

In order to prove Markus' claims he wants all netizens to inspect the location where the Vice President stands through the website instantstreetview.com. After seeing the the evidence through street view the observation of the concern netizen appears to be a valid statement. 

There's also an argument with the "No Bus Sign" the camp of the Vice President could come up with the idea that she already made an arrangement with the bus company to pick her at Shell Magallanes. 

However, as an elected public officials, the Vice President will surely not use this kind of defense, because she would be open to criticism once again for violating a simpl traffic rules since he served as a public official. 

Here's the Complete Statement of Markus Cassius:


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