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VIRAL: Huli sa CCTV ang Manyakis na Arabu Na Minulistiya ang Pinay Domestic Helper!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video contains themes and images that may not be suitable for minors. Reader discretion is strongly advised.
Many overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East report severe abuses from their foreign employers. This viral video shows an explicit example of these abuses.
An Arab man was caught on video trying to molest a Filipina domestic helper during her work time.
The disturbing video shows the Filipina peacefully performing her duties along with other workers and the abusive employer.
But when the other workers left the Arab and the Pinay alone inside the room, the former started to harass the OFW by grabbing her crotch.
Fortunately, the Pinay was able to resist and stop the Arab from further molesting her. She also seemed to have set up the camera in order to gather evidence against him.
Many Pinoy netizens were shocked and outraged by the viral video.
“Nagpapakahirap ang mga Pinay na yan para lang sa pamilya nila sa Pinas tapos babastusin lang ng Arabo habang nagtatrabaho nang maayos. Sana matulungan sila ng gobyerno,” an angry netizen pointed out.
(These Filipinas are just working honestly in order to provide for their families but some Arabs are still trying to abuse and harass them. Hopefully, the government would be able to help them.)



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