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VIRAL VIDEO! Extends Message For Duterte: The President Is In Danger

A video went viral all over a social networking platform which discussed the life of President Rodrigo Duterte is in danger.

Victor del Rosario, a netizen who uploaded the said video emphasized he is aware and open that he’ll be judged as crazy or false prophet after publishing the said message.

According to Del Rosario, in his dreams, God gave him a vision and instructed him to deliver this message for the sake of the country and for the president.

“What is important is that, as a servant of the Lord is to deliver His instructions, and follow His order for the sake of my love to this country and president,” he said.

Victor narrated that the dream happened on Janaury 1, 2017.

“On January 1, 2017, God gave me this vision, showing me two plans on how they will kill the president. First, Attempt to kill president in an airport outside the country in one of his official business/overseas trips. And second, through a helicopter crash inside our country,” he remarked.

Del Rosario tried to message the chief of staff of President Duterte, however he hasn’t received a reply.

“On January 3, I received another vision which is to tell the instruction of our God to the President with urgency.  For the president to be protected, to survive these plans to eliminate him: For the president to humble himself to the Lord Jesus Christ and ASAP, and have a presidential address in a live telecast  and call on the Filipino people to rally and pray with him for his protection and this country,” Victor continued.

At the end of his message, Victor encouraged all the Filipino people all over the world to join in a prayer brigade to protect the president.

The said video reached   1500 reactions from netizens.


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