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WATCH: 94% Pinoy approves Pres. Duterte Administration fight vs criminality

If there's one thing the Duterte administration does best, it is fighting criminality.
That's the view of majority of Filipinos, according to a private pollster.
A recent Pulse Asia survey shows the government scored the highest approval rating for its efforts in suppressing crime, compared to other issues of national concern.
Some 84 percent or eight in 10 respondents said they approved of the administration's fight against crime. Only four percent said otherwise, for a net approval rating of +80. Some 12 percent were undecided.
Pulse Asia interviewed 1,200 adults for the nationwide poll, which was conducted December 6 to 11, with a margin of error of ±3 percent at the 95 percent confidence level. Results were released Friday.
The Duterte administration also received the public's nod for its work relating to these urgent national issues:
  • Responding to disasters - 80 percent
  • Fighting graft and corruption - 76 percent
  • Protecting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers - 75 percent
  • Achieving peace in the country - 72 percent
  • Stopping the destruction and abuse of the environment - 69 percent
  • Enforcing the rule of law - 69 percent
  • Defending the Philippines' territory - 65 percent
  • Creating more jobs - 58 percent
  • Improving the workers' pay - 57 percent
  • Reducing poverty - 51 percent
However, fewer Filipinos (44 percent) approve of the government's initiatives in curbing inflation or the increase in the prices of goods and services. Some 20 percent disapprove, for a net approval rating of only +24.

Six-month deadline not a factor

Public approval of President Rodrigo Duterte seems unscathed even after he failed to fulfill his campaign promise of ridding the country of criminals in six months.


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