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18-Year Old Beautiful Girl Marries Her Stepfather; Ex-Wife Was Shocked

An 18-year old beautiful and smart girl named Lisa has an extraordinary life. She married her stepfather named Graeme after her mother Christina split from him.

Both women, Lisa and Christina live with their partner together. Four children from both marriages live with then as well. They are living together successfully, celebrating all holidays.
Early in childhood, Lisa had a crushed on her stepfather. Her feelings got stronger when he and her mother separated. Lisa revealed her love to his stepfather and said she wanted to stay with Graeme.
Meanwhile, the stepfather considered such kind of marriage to be inappropriate but later, Graeme realized that Lisa is beautiful and smart girl who could become his next wife.
Graeme's ex-wife, Christina was obviously shocked by this news but didn't disown her own daughter Lisa. She helped to organize Lisa and Graeme's wedding and agreed to live together under one roof.
Lisa's mother married another man named David. Both couples live together since then.

According to Graeme:"We pooled everything and set up a family courier business and shared our finances."
Today Lisa adds: "We've all lived together for so many years it will be hard dividing everything up. After all, we've shared everything - cars, money and even husbands."


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