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3 OFW Maltreated In Kuwait Escape From Their Employer! Here's Why?

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) experiences struggles and sacrifices against their employer. It must be an eye opener to the government that they must be aware of the situation and condition of the OFW that were sent by the recruitment agencies in the Philippines. Three OFW in this video were maltreated by their employer in Kuwait but the agency did not help them on the problems they encountered which result for escaping from the agency. They escape from the agency because they are requesting help but unfortunately they did not any help and assistance. By jumping from the building so that they can escape in the agency in Kuwait results that one of their fellow OFW injured and legs and needs a wheelchair so that she can be brought to the hospital for treatment. From the observation of one Filipino in the video, he voices out his sentiment against the agency that sending this OFW that were maltreated by their employer. But unluckily the one OFW was injured, she cannot stand and needs a wheelchair so that she can be transferred to hospital for treating her leg's injury.

Another OFW shared their experience of what their employer was doing maltreatment to them. They were slapped and the other one was nearly rap*d by sending her to other people by their employer.Luckily that the OFW ask help from fellow Filipinos that result in her to escape from the one that will rap*d her. These three OFW have another companion that was also struggling from their employer of maltreatment. The concern Filipino that recording this video shared that he will upload it so that it will come to the knowledge of government authorities that will be responsible for these poor maltreated OFW.
To all OFW sacrificing and struggling maltreatment from your employer don't hesitate to ask help and assistance to the fellow Filipino so that they can inform your situation and condition. For the Agencies that are sending OFW abroad carefully investigate and examine the background of the employer that are inquiring and requesting domestic helpers. Because it is your responsibility for the welfare of the OFW you send abroad. Many family members and relatives are defending on the OFW that working abroad. For the government agencies responsible for OFW welfare give assistance immediately once you have the knowledge about their situation because their safety is very important. They are considered as the modern hero of our country. and they must be well assisted when an incident like this will happen to them.


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