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Breaking News: 70-Year-Old German to Be headed by the Abu Sayaff!

The terror group Abu Sayaff (ASG) is demanding a P 30-million ransom in exchange for the life of 70-year-old German. 
According to PhilStar, ASG hostage Jurgen Kampner begged for help in a video wherein he said that he will be beheaded if no ransom money is given by February 26, 2017.
"My name is Jurgen Kampner. And the pirates (Abu Sayyaf), they are giving me a last chance, that they get the 30 million pesos. And I want to say that the execution shall take place on the 26th at 3 in the afternoon. If the money is not in the hands of the pirates at this time, they will behead me," the man spoke in German while Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Abu Rahmi points a knife at him.
"And I want to ask my government to support this and maybe talk to the Philippines again to make sure that they come out with the money because obviously they already have it, the pirates are saying."
However, the man, who cried begging, also said his farewells, in case the worst happens.
"And if every­thing goes wrong, I want to say “Goodbye” to my family. Okay. Crazy. I don’t think I have a chance to get out here alive. Because nothing is moving. Everyone is giving the bullet to the other. I am over. I don’t have anything more to say. What will be, will be."
Kampner and his wife Sabine Merz were captured by the Abu Sayaff group after ambushing their 30ft yacht Rockfall in Laparan Island, Pangu­taran, Sulu last November 5, 2016.
Kampner's wife was found by the authorities in the yacht after allegedly being raped by the bandits and shot in the head.

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