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BREAKING NEWS: Raphael Dumlao Revealed Big Personalities in PNP Involved in the Group SPO3 Sta.Isabel

A suspected member of the group in the kidnap-slay scandal of Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo that involved members of the police force warned of an influential syndicate running the racket which has been victimizing foreigners and which the suspect Raphael Dumlao said the government can’t stop them.
PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group (PNP-AKG) director Senior Supt. Glenn Dumlao told reporters at Camp Crame, Quezon City, that based on the statement of Supt. Raphael Dumlao, big personalities might be involved in the group of SPO3 Ricky Sta. Isabel.
Glenn Dumlao said he talked to Raphael Dumlao, the team leader of Sta. Isabel, and advised him if he really did not commit any offense, he should just tell the truth and everything he knew.
Glenn Dumlao said that he even asked Raphael if he was afraid of Sta. Isabel, to which he tearfully replied “you can’t beat them, they are many.”
The PNP-AKG chief said that as a “strategy,” he deliberately did not force Raphael Dumlao to divulge the identity of the big personalities to whom he was referring.
Glenn Dumlao said it was important to first have the sworn-affidavit of Raphael Dumlao before his statement could be acted on.“As of Thursday, the court had not issued yet a subpoena against Raphael Dumlao, hence, his statement could not yet be taken under oath before the prosecutor so that it could be used as evidence, Glenn Dumlao said.
NBI overhaul set
Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, meanwhile, ordered a reshuffle of several top officials at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) amid the relaunch of the probe into the Jee controversy.
Aguirre ordered the reshuffle following Raphael Dumlao’s allegations in a television interview that several NBI personnel were involved in the scandal.
Dumlao was tagged by Sta. Isabel and undocumented NBI errand boy Jerry Omlang, who are also suspects in the kidnap-slay scandal, as the alleged mastermind in Jee’s disappearance and killing.
In a statement issued yesterday, Aguirre said that three NBI officials have been relieved and reassigned from their posts, three have been promoted, while one was transferred.
The justice secretary said that NBI Director Dante Gierran will lead the reshuffle.
“Because of the allegations and statements of PSupt. Raphael Dumlao III that some NBI people might be involved in the kidnapping and killing of Korean Jee Ick Joo, NBI Director Dante Gierran relieved and reshuffled some top officers of the NBI,” Aguirre said.
The officials involved in the reshuffle are NBI NCR Director Atty. Ricardo Diaz, NBI Head Agent Atty. Darwin Lising, Deputy Director for Investigative Services Atty. Jose Yap, Atty. Sixto Burgos, Task Force Against Illegal Drugs head Atty. Roel Bolivar, Atty. Jonathan Galicia, and Deputy Director for Intelligence Vicente De Guzman III.
Diaz was relieved as NBI NCR Director and returned to his mother unit, the NBI Regional Operations Service. He will be replaced by Assistant Regional Director Rommel Vallejo as Officer-in-Charge.
Lising, meanwhile, was reassigned to the unit in Bicol but will retain his post as NBI Head Agent.
In addition, Bolivar was reassigned to NBI Clearance while Yap was reassigned to as Officer-in-Charge of the NBI Information and Communications Technology Division.
On the one hand, officials promoted amid the reshuffle were Burgos, who replaced Yap as the Deputy Director for Intelligence, and Galicia, who is Bolivar’s number 2 man who now assumes the post as head of the NBI Task Force Against Illegal Drugs.
On the other hand, De Guzman will replace Burgos as Deputy Director for Investigative Services following his departure due to the reshuffle.
Aguirre also bared a tie-up between the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the NBI amid investigations into the controversial kidnap-slay that has put the Duterte administration’s war on drugs into dispute.
Aguirre said that PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa and NBI Director Gierran have met at Sen. Ping Lacson’s office last Wednesday.
Aguirre said that during the meeting, the two top law enforcement officials agreed to cooperate in a joint-investigation into the kidnapping and killing of the South Korean national.
“Both police each named a team leader for this joint investigation. On the part of the PNP, Col. Glenn Dumlao, was named as its Team Leader, while NBI named Atty. Medardo Delemos as its team leader,” Aguirre said.
‘Why kill Jee?’
A former police officer who is now a member of Congress representing Antipolo City yesterday raised serious doubts on the motive of the policemen involved in the killing of Jee.
Antipolo Rep Romeo Acop said that there must be other compelling reasons Jee was hurriedly killed despite on-going negotiations for his ransom.
Acop noted that Jee was killed on the day that he was abducted.
“If we are to look at the circumstances, when Mr Ick Joo was abducted on October 18 (2016), he was killed immediately. Isn’t it in kidnap-for-ransom the victims should be alive because those who are going to give the ranson would ask for proof of life?” Acop said in a radio interview.
Acop said that if the police investigation showed that Jee was killed soon after he was brought to Camp Crame then the kidnappers asked for ransom without giving proof of life.
“Why are you going to kill the proof that your victim is alive? For me asking for P4.5-million is an afterthought. And the kidnap victim was killed,” Acop said.
Jee was a former executive of Hanjin, a shipbuilding firm before he established his own manpower agency that suppliers manpower to an online casino company.
Chiz raps Bato
The latest “stunt” of Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief “Bato” dela Rosa publicly chastising alleged corrupt policemen of extorting three South Korean tourists, was belittled yesterday by Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero.
Escudero, in a news forum at the Senate, was not at all impressed by the dressing down made in public by dela Rosa the other day on seven Angeles City policemen.
Escudero refused to give any advice to dela Rosa saying the PNP chief been told what to do by more senior former police officers, such as Senator Lacson.
Mr. Duterte, meanwhile, said he had lost trust in the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in implementig his anti-narcotics crusade.
In a speech at a forum in Davao City yesterday, the Chief Executive said that he deems both the operatives of the police force and the state’s leading investigative body as those who should bear the blame for suspension of the war on drugs.
“The PNP and even the NBI, the bureau, are suspended from enforcing the drug (war) because you are part of the problem. I have lost trust in you,” Mr. Duterte said.
“That is why I appointed (Ronald dela Rosa). From down the ranking, I placed him there because he has my trust and confidence. And also Dante Giran, the chief of the NBI now. When I talked to him and I said: ‘I will appoint you as the NBI director. It’s only one question that I will ask you, that I’m interested to hear an answer: Are you capable of killing an agent if your orders are not being implemented? And he said, yes’,” he narrated.
The PNP’s reputation has been repeatedly tainted over the past few weeks since the killing of Jee who died in the hands of cops inside Camp Crame and was reportedly cremated and reportedly flushed in a toilet bowl at a funeral parlor owned by a retired cop.
Moreover, the PNP has been dragged anew into the controversial spotlight as London-based human rights watchdog Amnesty International that accused cops of hiring masked assassins to carry out anti-illegal drugs operations that appear to be vigilante-like killings.
Mr. Duterte said that the only goverment bodies that he trusts in carrying out his no nonsense narcotics crackdown are the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).
“Only the PDEA which is being headed by General (Isidro) LapeƱa and the Armed Forces of the Philippines are now allowed to continue the war on drugs,” the Chief Executive said.
The President also floated the idea of signing a formal mandate for the military to take over of the war on illegal drugs.
“I still have to write it, whether it’s proclamation or executive order. But I’ve taken in the AFP and raised the issue of drugs as national security threat so they can call armed forces to assist. So the others, for a meantime, there will be a cleansing of, purge inside the Camp Crame and the NBI,” he noted.


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