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If you don't resign, your next assignment will be in Basilan to fight Abu Sayyaf!: Duterte insults police scalawags

The commander-in-chief launched an expletive-laden rant when he met the 228 police scalawags earlier today at the Malacanang Palace.

“Are you angry at me? Wait until I finish my term as President. Let’s have a gunfight. Leche kayo,” a fuming mad President Duterte told the policemen.

“I will not think twice. You will be the next victims of extrajudicial killings. That’s true.”

“Don’t dare me to a gunfight (because) I will not back down, you sons of bitches,” Mr. Duterte said in a raised voice.

“Wait for me. Six years from now we will see each other again. As I have said, I’m not a weak leader chosen by

The President ordered them to start moving out in 15 days to head to Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi to fight the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf and moro rebels.

“Start to move out. If you do not want to go there, go to your superior officer and tell them that you’re going to resign,” he said.

“If you leave the service, if you opt to retire, then behave. Find a clean and decent job,” he said.

While acknowledging that policemen receive meager salaries, President Duterte said they can't use it as a justification for them to engage in illegal activities.

“You cannot question my support for the police. Look at Davao. There’s no abusive policeman there. There’s no checkpoint. No nothing. Why do policemen survive there? Because they have simple lives,” said Mr. Duterte.

“How about you? Imagine how many of you fool around in the service! You sons of bitches! The government is just wasting the people’s money for your salaries,” he said.

“I know the culture of the police. Two out of five policemen have two wives. That’s your problem. When you are in uniform, have your gun and your badge, you act as if you’re somebody. You think highly of yourselves.”

President Duterte again flared up before leaving to attend a cabinet meeting: “You remain standing there. Wait for me because I will speak to you again later. You sons of bitches. I will throw water at you… If I see somebody relaxing, I will kick you. Try me.”


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