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Isang Batang Lalaki Isa Ng Ama Sa Edad Na 13 Years Old. After The DNA Test Shock The Whole World

This story went viral multiple times. First it became viral when the girl of Alfie Patten, who was 12-year-old ordinary boy, got pregnant.
The publicity started conceving Alfie's and his girlfriend's parents. However, the boy couldn't explain how this could happen.
From the very beginning Alfie claimed that it was his baby and he was ready to be a child. His mother accepted his choice and was giving numerous interviews to different magazines and news outlets.
However, later Alfie changed his position and said he was not the father. He asked about making a DNA-test as well.
The results of the test showed that Alfie was not a father. His mother became upset about this, admitting:
“When I found out about the DNA I was sad at first. I suppose if you want something that badly you make yourself believe it’s true.


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