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LOOK: Vice Ganda Reacts on Chocoleit Kiss Scandal

Vice Ganda called her friend and fellow comedian Chokoleit an "Ambassador of Hope" after the latter went viral for his kissing video scandal.
The one-minute video showed Chokoleit passionately kissing an unidentified man in a party.
A lot of netizens shared mixed reactions since the video was uploaded. Some found it simply funny while others expressed disgust for the act.
Vice, on the other hand, is in full support of his friend. Being a popular showbiz personality, he also had his fair share of controversial relationships in the past.
He told his followers that Chokoleit is an 'ambassador of hope' since he sets an example of the fact that no matter who you are, someone will always find you attractive.
This is the first time that Chokoleit's love life gathered attention, since the comedian is really private with these matters.

In a following tweet, Vice also called out his friend's bashers. He told them to stop judging and to look at themselves first.


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