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LP Allegedly Hiring EDSA 1 Anniversary Protesters For P500-700 Per Head

The Liberal Party of the Philippines, one of Pres. Duterte’s staunch political opposition is allegedly hiring EDSA 1 Anniversary protesters this coming February 25 to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the peaceful but failed revolution. The main purpose of the protest is not to celebrate EDSA but to call for the ouster of Pres. Rody Duterte.

EDSA 1 succeed in ousting the former Pres. Marcos and restored democracy but they failed in restoring the real meaning of democracy by the people because only the oligarchs and closed allies of Aquino benefited from the ouster of Marcos.

The alleged hiring of EDSA protesters was first revealed by ED Dan Versola, a columnist of Remate and Daily Sun. The post of Versola was then posted by popular social media personality and a known Pres. Duterte supporter Erick Clark Su.

According to Versola a former friend called him and told him that he needs at least 1,000 people to join the EDSA People Power anniversary on February 25th. They were given a budget of P1,000 per head but because they need mobilization, only P500 to P700 will be given to hired protesters.

Versola burned down his friend and turned down the offer telling the alleged protester to look for some people and never bother to asked him anymore.

Here’s the Complete Statement by Erick Clark Su:

May tumawag. Kaibigan ko daw siya noon at hanggang ngayon.

Him: Pare, I need at least 1,000 people to join ur EDSA People Power anniversary on February 25th.

Me: May order na ba ang Malacanang in this preparation?

Him: Hindi pare, sa Liberal Party group ito. Budget per head is P1,000 but siyempre ang ibibigay natin sa mga sasali ay P500 to P700 lang para may “mobilization fund” tayo…

Me: O sige pare, hanap ka… Huwag mo akong idamay sa kagaguhan ninyo!



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