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Must Watch! A CCTV Camera Caught This Housemaid Doing Something On This Poor Child!

Kittie Beibie went to Facebook to ask for help from her friends in searching for their housemaid who left without permission after allegedly physically assaulting her employer's child.
In a Facebook post made by Beibie on February 4, she narrated how Jovelyn Montero, her housemaid, abused her son and left without their knowledge.
According to the desperate mother, Montero was from Madrid, Surigao Del Sur. She claimed that it has been less than a month since they hired Montero. She never let her housemaid take care of her child as she was hired to do household chores. However, Beibie had to leave her son with Montero to do groceries. After being out for less two hours, she was shocked with what her CCTV camera captured inside her son's room.
In the footage, it can be seen that Montero was actually physically assaulting Biebie's toddler.
"Pinalo sa hita at braso. Iniipit ang legs ng anak ko. Pinipilit dumede kahit ayaw kaya nasamid. Inaasar gamit bote ng dede na kinukuskos nya sa mukhaa ng anak ko di pa sya nakuntento tinulak niya pa," Beibie wrote in anger.

They tried to talk to Montero after seeing the footage. Despite what happened, Beibie still gave Montero another opportunity with their family. The housemaid then promised  that the incident will never happen again.

However, on February 2, Montero left the house without Beibie's permission. According to the Facebook post, she left with her husband, Joseph who currently works in Sampaloc, Manila. The couple allegedly robbed Beibie's house as she claimed some things are missing upon the escape of the two.

Beibie is still hoping that someone could give them any information about Montero.


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