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P---ina mo rin! Don't use our money on trolls:Jim Paredes hits Duterte anew!

Jaime Ramon "Jim" Paredes, a staunch supporter of Liberal Party scores President Duterte after the latter made a witheringly scornful comments to billionaires in our country saying, "P***** I** kayo, bumayad kayo. 'Pag hindi, patayin ko kayo."

Duterte emphasized the need to pay the right amount of tax since it is essential to "run the government."

Paredes quickly reacted to the remarks of President Duterte saying, "P---ina mo rin! Account for every cent we pay. Don't spend it on trips with hangers  on who join for the junket."

The said statement was posted by Paredes' close friend Cynthia Patag who is also a solid supporter of the 'yellow party'.

The loyal LP apologist also said that Duterte should not use the money of the people on trolls.

"Do not use OUR money on TROLLS. Do not spend a cent on your kabits," Paredes ended.

Here's the post of Cynthia Patag about Paredes' scathing remark to President Duterte. 


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